10 Surefire Signs You Need a New Deck

Are you avoiding admitting that you need a new sundeck?

Waiting too long for a deck renovation is a dangerous game. Aged and unmaintained decks pose serious safety risks and the likelihood of failure increases the longer you delay.

Whether your deck is dangerous (or just more of an eyesore) these are ten irrefutable signs that your sundeck has reached the end of its lifespan:

1. Spongy Spots

Areas of your deck that are soft underfoot are tell-tale of rot. If rot is apparent at the surface of the deck, your risk of falling through is real. If rot persists to the support structures of the deck, complete deck collapse is possible. This is the worst-case-scenario for a neglected deck, so take those spongy spots seriously!

2. Leaks

If your deck should be waterproof, but you’re seeing signs of leakage like water spots, mold, or drywall softness, you’ve got a problem. Over time, seams and seals weather and can allow water ingress. Regular cleaning and maintenance will prolong the life of your deck, but once it’s spring a leak, repair or replacement is inevitable.

3. Cloudy Railing Glass

Glass railings are a beautiful and functional design feature for sundecks. Glass can make smaller decks feel larger, and allows you to see the beautiful landscape and ocean views better. Overtime calcium and lime can build up on glass and plexiglass can cloud, hindering the benefits of glass railings. While you can usually clean buildup from glass, clouded plexiglass will need replacement to remedy the issue.

4. Faded and Stained

Older decking materials like uncapped composite and traditional wood are susceptible to fading from UV exposure. In areas with tree cover, pine needles and leaves are notorious for prematurely aging decks with irreversible stains. While a stained deck will likely be safe and functional, it may be an eyesore worth curing. Once you refinish the deck, regular cleaning can ward off weathering.  

5. Age (Yours)

Just like decks have an expiration date, your willingness and ability to maintain them does, too. High-maintenance decking like timber can be traded-in for low maintenance alternatives like Duradek and capped composite.

6. Growing Family

As your family grows, so should your deck. Making memories on the porch is something every parent should enjoy with their children. Some materials are better than others, like slip resistant, splinter-free vinyl decks. They’re also one of the more affordable options for a young family.

7. Selling your home

In a competitive real estate market, a dodgy deck can be seen by potential home buyers as more of a liability than an asset. Make the best impression with a simple deck facelift. Chances are, you’ll regain your investment tenfold.

8. Shaking, Wobbling, and Sagging

It doesn’t take a pro to know that signs of an unstable deck are serious. Unsecured footings, loose joints, and degraded materials spell trouble. Even newer and well-built decks can be victim to settling and shifting that may compromise a deck’s integrity. Bring in a contractor immediately to inspect any deck that shows signs of instability.

9. Age (the Deck’s)

The average deck will last 10-25 years, depending on the quality of materials that are used and the maintenance practices. As most deck’s support structures are made from wood, even with chemical sealants and coatings, any organic material will degrade over time. Like changing a timing belt in your car, consider redoing your deck before you run into any major issues.

10. It’s Spring or Fall

The peak season for sundeck contractors is summer time. During these three months of the year, contractors will often do 80% or more of their business. That means that they’re very busy during summer, but the other nine months of the year are much slower. As a matter of supply and demand, during slower times of the year, you’ll get the best builders at the lowest prices.


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