Your home’s deck extends your private living space outdoors into the incredible natural beauty of BC, so it’s important to incorporate smart design–including the best deck floor covering–to take full advantage of this coveted outdoor living space.

Deck floor coverings should be stylish and functional; able to stand up to the wetness of the Vancouver, BC region and allow you to spend time enjoying your outdoor space, rather than maintaining it. Our most highly recommended option for a deck floor covering that fulfils all of these needs is a vinyl deck membrane.

What is it?

Vinyl deck membranes are sheets of PVC a few millimeters thick with a printed design and textured top layer on one side. The sheets are a uniform thickness, highly durable and are formulated to withstand fading from UV exposure and shrinkage or cracking from heat and general harsh outdoor elements. The leading vinyl decking manufacturers all have high-quality products and very similar designs available, but we prefer to install Duradek, as they have an industry leading warranty and a third party quality control program.

How is it applied?

First the deck surface (generally plywood) is leveled and smoothed and a contact glue is used to adhere the vinyl to the deck surface. To ensure watertightness, the vinyl is run 6” – 8” vertically behind siding and around posts that intersect the deck and is welded with a heat gun at seams and around the perimeter of the deck.

Where is it used?

This material is perfect for use on rooftop decks as a beautiful and durable alternative to a torch-on membrane. It’s also very commonly used on second or third level decks to create a sheltered and dry area below. Such areas can be used as a covered outdoor patio, or as extra dry storage. Vinyl decking requires so little maintenance, that homeowners will use it in place of a traditional wood deck, even when waterproofing isn’t necessary.

How much does it cost?

Professional installation of Duradek vinyl decking usually starts between $9.25-$11 per square foot. Various designs and finishing options as well as needed preparation will affect each project’s cost.


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