You love entertaining outdoors, so why limit hosting your get-togethers only to the fair-weather months? With a few simple additions and modifications, your outdoor space can be fit for enjoying throughout all four seasons.

Beyond just having the best deck accessories these five handy tips will allow you to transform your outdoor space into a more inviting and usable space all year long:


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1. A Patio Cover

The first enemy to entertaining outdoors is, of course, the weather. Patio covers are a key weapon to battle the beating sun and the pouring rain. They make your deck or patio more inviting even in spite of a less-than-ideal forecast.

Patio covers are available in many sizes and material combinations. When you’re looking for someone who can install an affordable and beautiful patio cover, a trusted deck contractor like Citywide Sundecks will help you choose the best materials for your needs and location. Contact Citywide today for your free patio cover quote. 


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2. Blankets And Pillows

My favourite restaurants’ patios are stocked with soft blankets. It makes their outdoor seating so much more inviting and I often stick around longer because I’m so comfortable.

Just like these savvy restaurants, your outdoor entertaining space can use a touch of soft and inviting blankets and pillows.

Keep your guests warm and comfy on brisk morning and cool evenings by keeping a basket of blankets and pillows just inside the door, or in your waterproof outdoor storage area.


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3. Outdoor Lighting

No matter the time of year, lighting makes the difference between a casual gathering and a memorable event. The best part is, your outdoor lighting doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive. Check out some of the beautiful deck lighting options available. And to light up your yard or patio, solar-powered outdoor lights are super affordable and easy to find at any hardware store.

Shorter days in fall and winter make lighting even more impactful and necessary for entertaining outdoors. For an extra special touch, add recessed rope lighting under deck railings, along stair risers, and along pathways. Hanging string lighting overhead is a delicate way to add radiance and set a relaxed and cozy mood for your outdoor parties all year long.


Entertaining Outdoors: Outdoor Bar Cart for Entertaining

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4. Portable Bar

No matter the season–hot, cold, or in between–a suitable, tasty beverage is always appreciated. Make sure your guest’s thirst is always quenched by including a portable or built-in outdoor bar in your outdoor entertainment plans.

Stock your bar with lots of ice and refreshing drinks in the warm months, and set it up with warm beverages for the cooler weeks. Cold lemonade and hot toddies are always crowd favourites.


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5.  Fire Pit

The fire pit is where stories are told and memories are made. I rarely have a backyard gathering without one. Even in the middle of summer, this is a staple for entertaining outdoors. If you don’t want an open fire on your property, practical alternatives like propane fire pits are an easy stand-in.

Make sure you have s’more and hotdogs on hand for the kids (large and small). And as the best of hosts do, keep a fire extinguisher close by, just in case.  

Entertaining Outdoors In All Seasons Is Simple

These five simple additions to your outdoor space will transform your yard or patio into the ultimate entertaining space. Start planning your next get together now, no matter what season. Your outdoor space is going to be the new place-to-be.

If your deck or patio needs repairs or renovation before it can become a classy outdoor entertaining space, get in touch with Citywide for a free quote. Fill out the form below or call 604-786-3325 today.