Citywide Waterproofs a Houseboat With Duradek

From the interior, Don’s well decorated 2,000+ square foot home shows no signs of being different from any other home. But, for thirteen years Don has happily lived in a floating home. His home is anchored in a community on the Fraser River, nestled next to the Westham Island Road bridge. On the third level of his home, Don has a large rooftop sundeck with a hot tub, dining area, and even a bar sink. He enjoys spending summer evenings here, looking out over the farmland and mountain vista.

Rooftop sundeck renovation with a twist

The vinyl on this rooftop deck had been there since long before he purchased the home but was beginning to fail. With the pronounced moisture that a float home faces, waterproofing is an essential element of the exterior finishes. Not knowing what type of vinyl had been used previously, Don kept his eye out for a reliable vinyl decking brand that he could count on to protect his unique home. When he saw a TV commercial for Duradek vinyl, he called them and was put in touch with Citywide Sundecks – the preferred installer in his region.

Citywide Sundecks experts have the right solution

An estimator from Citywide Sundecks met with Don to discuss his project. Unlike other companies who met with Don, The Estimator from Citywide ensured that the unique circumstances of the home were understood and accounted for. He laid out a detailed quote that displayed the proposed project plan and made Don feel comfortable and informed. Unique elements of the project included a floating scaffold, a chute/pulley system for moving supplies and debris up and down from the roof, and a chest freezer and hot tub that could not be removed from the deck.

Shortly after Citywide began work on the float home’s rooftop deck, Don asked us to redo two smaller decks on a lower level. When rot was discovered – a result of improper drainage from above – the Citywide crew worked swiftly to repair and replace.

Word travels fast

Don is very pleased with his experience, noting how friendly the crew that worked on his deck was and the patience and skill required for the unique circumstances. As a result, Citywide has completed work for two other homeowners living in the float home community.

Liquid applied membrane for waterproofing and texturing
Liquid Membrane for a Vancouver Rooftop Deck Renovation