Liquid applied membrane for waterproofing and texturing

Mr. and Mrs. Nguyen first hired Citywide Sundecks in 2015 to install Duradek on their backyard rooftop sundeck. They were very pleased with the result and value that Citywide provided. So, in 2017 — when they needed to update their slippery, leaking front stoop — they called up Citywide Managing Director, Paul to see if he knew anyone who could fix it. Paul had a smart solution for the front stoop that would waterproof texturize, and beautify the home’s entrance —  a solution that would last as long as the home stands.

Citywide Sundecks Testimonial from Mrs. Nguyen

Two years ago we hired Citywide to renovate our sundeck and back porch. We were very happy with the results and we are enjoying them everyday. Last month we had them renovate our front stairs and walkway. The result exceeded our expectation. Now our front entrance lookes good enough to welcome a queen! I like Paul’s workers they are friendly and able. Also, Paul is one of the most organized and punctual people I have ever known. We have had a lot of problems with tradesmen in the past. It’s nice to know Paul for a change.

Liquid-applied waterproofing membranes for decks and patios

Liquid applied membranes are used often in commercial and industrial application, but they are usually overlooked when thinking of residential waterproofing solutions. Liquid applied membranes can be used in many applications to waterproof and texturize surfaces and the colour is customizable. The liquid applied membranes used by Citywide for decks and patios are commercial grade, so they’ll last for decades. The same materials are also used in medical and food packing facilities because of their easy-to-clean nature and natural mold, mildew, and bacterial resistance.

Liquid applied waterproofing membranes are applied in layers. First, an epoxy ‘primer’ is used on the surface, to make a strong bond. Next, a flexible urethane coat is added, which fuses with the primer and seamlessly waterproofs the surface.

Another coat is added, with which texture or colour can be included. For the Nguyens, Citywide created a custom mixture of gray, black, and white coloured texture to match the home’s exterior and mask dirt.

The coating takes only hours to cure and can be used very shortly after application. This waterproof membrane is incredibly easy to maintain, rinse dirt buildup with soap and water. If there is ever any damage to the coating, a new top coat is simply applied — no need to rip up any membrane.

Mr. and Mrs. Nguyen are very pleased with their beautiful, functional, and safe front entrance. The custom aluminum handrails provide an updated look, while still blending nicely to the home’s classic exterior.

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