• Financially approachable. Wooden decking is affordable and luxurious. There are options for every budget, making it easy to find the perfect wood deck for your family.
  • Customizable design. You’re not locked in to your colour choice for decades. Easily change colours with stain and paint to suit your taste (as often as you want).
  • Classic aesthetic. Preserve tradition while making new memories on the same time-honoured wood deck you may have enjoyed as a child.

Wooden Deck Benefits

Traditional timber sundecks are common in the Lower Mainland and across the world because of their natural beauty and flexibility in design. Citywide helps you choose the type of wood and design that is best for your family’s needs.

We are knowledgeable on the durability, longevity, maintenance requirements, aesthetic appeal, and cost of all wooden decking options. We’ve got the experience to build the perfect wood deck for you!

Wood Deck Construction Options in The Lower Mainland

Pressure-Treated Pine Decks

The most affordable option in wooden decking, pressure treated wood is extremely dense and strong, for a structurally solid wood deck. Pressure treated wood has great longevity and requires less maintenance than other types, but is not as visually delighting, often having a green tint.

Western Red Cedar Decks

Cedar lumber (either tight knot or clear) is a popular choice for many homeowners. Cedar contains natural oils that prevent decay and improve longevity. A mid-range cost option, cedar is known for a straight, smooth finish and requires annual sealing.

Hardwood Decks

This type of wood deck is the easiest to maintain but can be more expensive. It requires wood oil application every few years to maintain durability and aesthetics. Standard and exotic colours are available for gorgeous, natural sundecks.